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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Maya's First Tanning Bed

The doctor said Maya's jaundice was bad enough that he wanted her to stay in a light bed for the weekend. It's not fun at all because all she wants is to be held but we can only take her out to change her diaper and feed her. Plus, someone has to be awake and in the same room as the machine the entire time it's on which means Jose and I haven't slept yet since we got it yesterday. It's so sad to see her cry and scream and not be able to pick her up. : (
She hates the blind fold that she has to wear. She's constantly taking it off. The stinker.

This is her "I'm just chillin'" pose. hehe

Here are a few pictures from the hospital of Maya wearing her first outfit. This is the outfit that I bought for Jose's birthday to tell him I was pregnant with Helaman (at the time I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl so I bought one of each).

She loves to wear tights--thank you Amy!!! She loves them. She was screaming, then the second we put them on she stopped and was so happy. : )


aj said...

She's so SUPER cute!! I love all the pictures, please keep them coming when you feel up to it.

I'm sorry she has to be under the lights, but hopefully that won't last much longer. Then you can hug and cuddle her all you want :)

Love you all!

C.T.KNUDSEN said...

She is beautiful! Thank you for shareing the pictures!!

kalani said...

She just gets prettier and prettier. I am sorry her jaundice got so bad but hopefully the lights worked fast and she can be out of them.

Bev said...

Cute thanks for sharing. Pretty soon you will forget what sleep is! Not really but it feels that way :)

Brittney Walker said...

oh misty!! she is sooo cute. i can't wait to meet her. i am so glad that things are going well. i hope that her jaundice clears up. if you need anything please let me know. i would love to help with whatever. i love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Misty, this is ArLene. I just wanted you to know that I know exactly how you feel. Our Nathan had to be under the lights for about 10 days, but just think of it this way at least she can be at home under the lights and not in the hospital.
You have a gorgeous baby, I cannot wait to see her. Hug her lots when you can. Love Ya!!