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Saturday, July 19, 2008

No I Have Not Fallen Off the Edge of the Planet

Wow...It has been an eternity since I last posted. Man, sorry everyone. Life has been really crazy. So here a run down of what has been going on in the Sanchez family for the last two months........

First of all, I am pregnant again. Don't feel bad if you are finding this out for the first time through the blog. I haven't told anyone yet. I'm not quite ready to tell people yet, but ready or not people will know the second they see me. I know it's really tacky to tell everyone through the blog. Sorry. I have been a lot sicker this pregnancy than my last, which I didn't think was possible but apparently it is. I haven't been going anywhere or talking to anyone. So I figured it was better to write it in the blog than not tell anyone at all.
Jose is so excited!!! Oh my gosh. He's such a proud father, and he does EVERYTHING for me. I haven't washed a single plate or picked up anything since I got pregnant. He's really worried about me so he is over zealous when it comes to babying me---and I love it! Neither of us see this baby as replacing Helaman. We would never want to replace Heli--this baby is a wonderful addition to our already blessed family.
I am 13 weeks along and everything is looking really good. I am definately very scared with this pregnancy but my doctor is taking good care of me. In fact, he is demanding that I have an appointment with him every week as soon as I hit 30 weeks to do a bunch of tests to make sure everything is going to be fine. The super nice thing about this pregnancy is that my doctor is allowing me to chose when I want the baby to be born. The baby is due the end of Janurary but he said as long as the tests look good he will let me decide to get started the end or middle of December. It's nice to count down eight months instead of nine. It makes it seem so much shorter!
Here is a pic of the ultrasound at eight weeks

And here is a pic of me at eight weeks...the ultrasound is a lot cuter. : )
Here is a pic of me at 13 weeks. I have lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks (about 17 pounds) because I haven't been able to eat anything. I've been trying to force-feed myself but I just throw it up. I was getting really worried but the doctor says the baby looks good so I don't might losing the extra weight. It's the closest to my pre-Helaman weight I've been!!
Ahh, that brings me to my next topic...I got a hair cut! Holy cow I was so scared. But Anni cut her hair and it turned SOOOO cute and I really needed a change and needed to do something for myself at this point in my life so I chopped off all my hair!! It's so different and really hard to get used to but I love it. It's nice to feel a little put together after so much time of feeling like a bloated whale.
Speaking of hair cuts I also cut Jose's hair a couple of days ago. I told him we needed to take a few headshots for the blog. I guess it got lost somewhere in translation because they turned out to be mugshots. Hrm. Go figure.

hahahahahahah I love it!!!!

In his pre-criminal days Jose took Meg to a daddy-daughter date while my parents were out of town. He had such a blast and it made him even more excited to have a little girl (I think that's what he's hope for with this pregnancy).
It was a dance so Jose had to brush up on his sweet moves
Jose also knew that a nice pot-belly is an essential pre-requisite to being a good father.

Jose is so amazing as soon as he got home he went right to work cleaning to house while we chilled out. I have no idea how I found such a perfect guy. I'm keeping my eye on him so he can't escape!!

Ahh, in other news look at my car!!!!! Jose was going over some train tracks and ran over something that was on the tracks which deployed all the air bags and shattered the windshield. Can you believe it!!! Jose is fine though, just a little started. It's kinda funny now though.

Last news of the night......for those of you who are still actually reading this post. Wow, it's turned out long. Sorry : )
We are buying a house for Jose's family so there are staying with us until we can close the contract or until we find a place for them to rent.

It has been so nice having them stay with us right now. I can't believe how much they clean! Everything is spotless. Jose's mom even washed all of my clothes which I hadn't washed since I got pregnant. In fact, I think she's still washing them all and it's been over a week! She is an angel. I am so grateful for all the help she has given me.


Here are some pictures of my beautiful in-laws...

Pepe doing some sweet breakdance moves Miri playing games or watching Telenovelas
Pepe surfing the web. We finally got all their stuff unpacked from the moving van and thank goodness we found their computer. At my house with no Wii there are pretty much only two things to do: watch telenovelas and play on the computer. With seven people and only my one lap-top there were quite a few fights. We had an hourly schedule worked out to pass the computer from person to person to try to keep some peace. Thank goodness now there's two computer and three TV's. Yay! haha Here is the beautiful Karina who, by the way, is having her quincianera this September. It's going to be a blast and a great party for all those of you who want to come!!
For those few of you who have seen my house you know the guest room was just our excuse for another storage room. We had everything in there just thrown where ever we could fit it. I walked past the door the second day Jose's family was here and had to do a double take. Everything was organized, all the boxes were put away, the beds were made, and apparently that room actually has a floor, which up until now, we haven't seen yet! : ) Jose's family is amazing. Muchas Gracias a todos!!!!
I don't have hardly any photos of Jose's family here on the blog so here is one of the whole gang...almost
Well if you have made it all the way down to the bottom of this post congratulations!! and I promise my next one will be much sooner this time!!