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Monday, March 24, 2008

Hola a la muchacha de Argentina...

Hi Guadalupe. It's nice to meet you. One of my neices is named Guadalupe. Here is a picture of her. She lives in Mexico. How are you?! Do you live in Argentina now or have you moved to the US?

The Andersen Fam

<-- We are the White ones : )

Ahhhhh, my precious family. Aren't they adorable?! My oldest brother Christopher "Topher" Curtis (23), me (21), AnnaLina "Anni" Ruby (15), Austin Max (17), Megumi "Meg" Marie (9), and my mom (Venice Talbot) my dad (Curtis Charles) both of which I'm pretty sure are upwards of 100 years old. hehe Sorry Alyisa I couldn't find a picture of you so as soon as I get a good one I'll put it on. For those of you who don't have the pleasure of knowing my amazing family Alysia is Topher's wife, 20 years old, and the only sane one. hehe

I just can't understand how my parents could say I was a difficult child...Look at that face--pure innocence.

Adorable, Lovable, Deplorable (hmm) MISTY!!

Now we can move on the the best part of the blog...baby pictures of ME!!! hehe

Well my life is a lot more boring than Jose's. I was born of goodly parents (hehe) and raised in Farmington Utah. I grew up dancing from the time I could walk and I now teach dance for Elite Dance Productions.

I have three brothers and two sisters (all of whom I absolutely adore!). I fall second in the family but was first to get married (but only by two weeks), I barely squeeked by my older brother on that one! In fact my brother and I have always tended to do things together...we were born the same day (although three years apart), and we also had our first child very close together. I think we were supposed to be twins but I didn't want to have to share the uterus with him. haha

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jose then and Now

I (Jose) was born the 23 of May 1985 in Rancho Pabileros Guanajuato Mexico. My dad died when I was three. Life was always very difficult. I have 6 other brothers and 6 sisters. I have to come here to the US in June 2003 in order to help support my family. I have been here ever since. My entire family (minus one brother and one sister) moved here as well in December of 2006. I like soccer and road biking and my wife. Here are some pictures of me growing up and my family.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Intro to our Family

Hello everyone! Topher and Alyssia's blog inspired me to sit down and make one for my own family. Thanks guys!

I guess I should start out with an introduction to our little family...

Jose and I had our first date on Jan. 29 2005. We Jose (naturally) fell in love with me and proposed the next date. Haha I said no but he was persistant. After a year of wearing me down I finally said yes on Feb. 22 2006.

We were at last sealed in the Salt Lake Temple at 2:22 pm on the 22 of Feb. 2007.

He is my strength and the love of my life. Jose is my husband, my best friend, my example, and my unwaivering rod. In short, he is my "Moroni." I thank God everyday for sending him to me and for patiently guiding us through life's challenges to make it this far.