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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I went to the Doctor this Morning...

This last week has been a really rough one for me. I have had quite a bit of pain and quite frequent and regular contractions, then this morning I started bleeding. I went to the doctor and he seemed to be a bit worried with the all the contractions and the bleeding so he checked everything out and said it all looks good but sentenced me to strict bed rest. Blah. He wanted to put me on a medication that would stop the contractions but quite frankly it scares me to be taking medication of any sort while I am pregnant so I asked if there was another option and he said that if I would take the bed rest seriously then he would see how I am doing at my next appointment to see if I need to get on the medication.

We also talked about when we could plan to deliver the baby. I wanted to deliver it at the end of 36 weeks but he was nervous that her lungs wouldn't be developed by then so he said he wants to see me every week to do a full check on everything--if there looks like anything is wrong he will deliver the baby starting at my next appointment. If everything looks good at all my appointments, and I haven't started into labor on my own, he will start me at 38 weeks which means anytime in between Jan. 8 and Jan. 15.

I am glad he will be doing so many checks and tests on everything during these last few weeks because I am definitely very nervous, to say the least. And I am also glad that we have finally set a date, more or less, so I can start planning.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Moving Day

No, we aren't moving again, but Jose's family moved out of our house so it's sort of like we have a whole new house. I realized I haven't even posted any pictures of our house since we moved last November to Clinton and most of you haven't seen it yet so I thought I would post a pic of the outside, there are also some pictures taken from the inside further down in the post. We absolutely love it here. Clinton is so beautiful and peaceful--lots of farms and young families. We love our house too. It has been such a blessing for us and I know the Lord definitely helped us find and buy it (thanks to Alysia and her family!). We began to remodel it to be more "ours" last Feb. but the projects got put on hold when Jose's family moved in and nothing got finished. Now that we have less bodies in the house we have started the projects back up and are trying to finish everything little by little. I told Jose I want everything (inside and out) done by the time Almaya is born but I think that's quite a lofty goal. : )

This Halloween was Almaya's first Halloween (well sort of). I figured I'd better dress her up as something and the only thing she really looks like right now is a pumpkin so that's what she was...

Since my belly button sticks out so far I figured in would make a great Jack-o-lantern nose. hehe Here is one of just Maya... (isn't she adorable? haha j/k)