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Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Birthday Prince!!

HAPPY 23 BIRTHDAY JOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose's birthday was the 23 of May. His golden year. Thank you to all those of you who sent cards, letters, and presents. We love and appreciate you all.

I was so excited for Jose's birthday this year. I really wanted to do something special because he does so much for me all the time, so I had been planning a surprise birthday party for him for months. Well, I suppose not much for a party because there was no one there for me and him, but it was a blast for us.

I waited until he fell asleep on Thurs. then I got out of bed and spent all night decorating the house then snuck back into bed so he wouldn't suspect anything when he woke up. It was so much fun! When he woke up he was totally surprised!

The theme was Prince Charming because he is definitely my Prince Charming. He even had a little cardboard crown.

I gave him a phone and "National Treasure," and Heli gave him a soccer ball.

After that we went out to dinner and a movie. It was awesome just to be together. I love him so much.

After our little private party on Friday we went to my parents house on Sat. where they had planned a "Jose's AmaSing Olympics." haha It was so much fun! (Note: I would have taken the gold but I just didn't want you all to feel bad) haha Austin won by a landslide!!!

Jose got a brand new table saw and I can remember what the other thing is called but you use it to measure and cut things (haha I'm not sure exactly what they all do, but Jose was pretty stoked) from my parents and siblings, and a guitar and face cover (as previously mentioned) from Alysia and Topher. He absolutely loved all of it so thank you everyone!

Then we celebrated with Jose's family on Sunday with a dinner, playing on the tramp, and a very spirited game of baseball.

It was a great birthday. Thank you everyone (especially Jose for being born in the first place) hehe.

Rock Legends...or Crazed Lunatics???

Ahhh, Rock Band...how we love and loathe you.......

I am not sure if that game ever comes to an end. I think it is impossible to win. It just keeps going and going and going.

Our award winning band, THE LAMANITES, had finally reached super stardom and been invited to Moscow to play a 58 song set. Now, this set had to be played straight through---no breaks, no pausing--nothing. We are, however, the forever true Rock Band enthusiasts and decided that we must not let our fans down.

So, the fateful night finally approach...Austin, Me, Jose, Alysia and Topher all stood poised for the challenge. It took us a total of 5 hours, but we prevailed!!! We will now be the band to live in infamy.

Hehe It was a blast but very tiring. Here is some proof of our legendary show...

Topher, Alysia, Austin and me (and Anni and Meg and even my mom a few times) took turns shredding on the guitar and bass...

but poor Jose---he is the only one of us who can play the drums on medium and hard and still get above 98% every time--so he had to play the entire 5 hours without a break. I know, he's incredible, he gets it from me! This picture was taken right after finishing the 58 song set--haha Jose looks a bit worn out.

Check out that cool guitar that Topher's holding. It was Jose's birthday present from Topher and Alysia. Thanks guys!!!!

The Drum King

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Tag...

Now I tag Wendi and my mom!! Mom you better actually do it because you have been tagged twice now!!!! I love you both!

Tag!! I'm it!

I was looking at Topher and Alysia's blog a few days ago and found links to Dallin and Kalani's site as well as Tyler and Kristen's. I was so excited that they have blogs as well. I suppose it was a good thing that I checked them out because apparently Kalani had tagged me so it's my turn to tell 7 things interesting about me. Well, I thought about it and there really isn't anything very interesting about me but I suppose I could say 7 things anyway, haha...

1. If every store in the world went out of business other than Wal-mart and Lowes, I probably wouldn't even notice.

2. I absolutely love going dancing with my husband...Pasito Durangense (mexi-dancing) is our favorite.

3. I hate doing the dishes and laundry, yuck!

4. I would do anything for my husband, including doing the dishes and laundry ; )

5. My normal body temperature is between 95 and 96 degrees. I know, I'm a freak of nature.

6. I love learning to play different music instruments. I am not amazing at, but can play, the guitar, drums, bagpipes, harp, and piano. I am hoping one day to have enough money to buy a harp again. It was definitely my favorite instrument and I would like to pursue that.

7. I often have a hard time differentiating English and Spanish, they have become one language for me and I screw up using them both all the time. So if I am talking to you in Spanish just call me a dork and please forgive me! hehe

My Poor Baby...

Poor Jose has been so sick for the last few days. He's had a temperature over 102 degrees all day. I'm not sure what to do other than give him medicine and wipe his forehead with cold cloths and lots of kisses. He's such a trooper though, so still went to school today and even worked out in the garden this morning (against my urging!!). He even bought me flowers today to say thank you for taking care of him. Can you believe that?! He is definitely the best husband in the entire world. I love him so much. We are both praying that he gets better soon so that we will still be able to go to Gracie's baby blessing on Monday.

I love you baby!!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!!!!