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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Almaya's Birth Video

Sorry it took me forever to figure out how to get this posted. Also, have no fear, there is no video of the actual birth--just before and about 30 seconds after. When the doctors checked me and found out that she was already popping out I called my mom but she didn't have time to get there before she was born to video tape the actual birth--although that is probably for the better. : ) It truly was a miracle though because my mom got there seriously just a few seconds after she was born so she was able to video tape all the cleaning-up and first few seconds and glances Almaya had of this world. Ahhhh

*The video is really long and probably very boring for most of you, haha--feel free to skip through to see the parts you want*


C.T.KNUDSEN said...

Thanks for shareing your video! How did you do the video? I have been trying to figure it out and I can't get it to work. But I would really like to figure it out soon...since my little one will be born any day.

aj said...

Ah, beautiful!! I watched the whole thing - it was the high point of my day :)

Lovely little thing!!

kristen said...

She is oh so adorable! I love being able to see pictures and hear about how everyone is doing. It makes being away a little more bearable! She is so beautiful! We love you and hope you are able to get some sleep and cuddle her as much as you want soon!

aj said...

Hi Misty and Jose,

I hope everything is going well with Maya, and that she no longer has to be under the lights so you can snuggle her more :)

I am going to NYC today but I'll be checking online for updates and more pictures!

Give her a kiss for me, please!