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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

Wow, I can't believe almost 4 months have gone by since our precious little girl came into our lives. Time flies and I have been hard pressed to find time to post in the blog. Sorry everyone! We have also taken a million pictures and videos of her since then and I couldn't decide which ones to post so I figured I'd post them all!!! (Well not literally "all" but a good percentage!! : ) )

We got some studio photos done of her on her first month birthday. When she was 1 month old she never cried--ever--not even when she was hungry. She got there and decided to take some family shots with all three of us. She would not stop crying!!! Then as soon as Jose and I let the pictures she was just fine. She just wanted to have all the spotlight to herself!! : )
"Huh? What??" haha When she was younger she always had this look on her face like she had no idea what was goin' on.

ha ha She always sleeps with her mouth wide open. Just like her Papi.
"If you think this dress looks good, you should see how it tastes! Yum"

Sunday is defintaly Maya's least favorite day. I always put her in really frilly and uncomfortable dresses. Poor girl. I always feel bad because she hates them so much but they are cute and I figure it's uncomfortable being a woman so she should get used to it. : ) But as soon as we get home the dress comes off and the smile comes on.
This day, however, she decided she wan't to try out Papi's tie.
Those of you who have ever seen Jose on Sunday after church know that this is how you are supposed to wear a tie if you have Lamanite blood.
Maya loves to sleep and cuddle with us, and I love it too, but I could never sleep when she was in our bed because I was so worried that she would suffocate or something like that so I pain-stakingly built her a mini-bed of her own to put in our bed. She loves it....
...but still perfers Mami's bed.
I finally graduated this semester!! Yay!!! I got my Associate of Arts from Weber. I was actually supposed to graduate in December but I didn't want to go to commencement 9 months preggers so I waited and it was nice to have Maya there.

She enjoyed it and thought that the dipoloma rightfully belongs to her.
Maya will get super chubby and then sprout up and get tall and skinny then start the whole process over again. Here's her during one of her chubby days...
"Rub my belly for good luck"
Almaya is such a good baby. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She is so happy almost all the time. And so sweet and caring.
Her personality is starting to shine through more and more each day and I love getting to know her. She is definately one of my best friends. Some of her favorite things are giving hugs and kisses (very slobbery kisses), the color blue, chewing on anything, frogs, getting her diaper changed (wow, yes--she loves that), sleeping with mami for as long as mami will let her ( man, that girl would sleep all day if I let her), being outside (as long as there is no wind), and her favorite thing in the whole world is watching TV...
It doesn't matter if it's the news, and action flick, or Sesame Street, she could watch TV all day long. (and gets quite upset when mami doesn't let her.)
We love her very much and are so lucky to have gotten a little girl so patient and caring. (her mami loves all the hugs all day long!!)
I will try to update more often on the blog. Maya keeps me pretty busy because she thinks she is the center of my world (wonder where she gets that idea haha). But I will definately post sooner this time.


Brittney Walker said...

Oh misty...you guys are all sooo cute!! i am glad that things are going well and that is great that you graduated! Way to go! I love updates n you guys because we never see each other anymore. We will have to fix that. love ya all!

aj said...

So SOOOOO cute!! I love all the pics! It's so fun to see her grown up and show so much personality. I love seeing her. She has the sweetest spirit. I love how she gives me that look that says, "Whoever you are, you love me, so I guess it's okay that you smile and look so goofy."

Congrats on graduating Misty!! yay!!

:) Love you guys!!

Bev said...

Elise who is 7 still grows like that gets chubby then taller it is so funny. Thanks for the update and congrats of graduating.

kalani said...

You guys are so cute. I am so happy you finally posted again. What a cutie. I have some pictures of her from Kalea's birthday party.
Congrats on graduating.

Austin said...

Love your Blog! Maya is a pretty cute Lamanite..